All models come in a Standard (46 inches tall) and Tall version (60 inches tall). To order the 3 tier models, you will be asked to select a tree structure and to specify a primary colour for your tree. This will be the colour of the base and all levels of your tree except as allowed by the various options. In addition, all models allow you to specify a different colour or wood finish to the base and alternate top shapes and colours. The 3 tier models have optional ramps and ramps colours and also come with an inline base option for places with somewhat limited space. shown below are the standard three-tier with large dishes, forty-six inches tall, and the inline version with an upgraded wood base, also forty-six inches tall. Both of these models can have leaves, small flowers or large flowers instead of the large dishes. A clamshell can go on top and either can have ramps added. The options are in the selction section below the photos.

CT320 small

CT320I small




* Choose a Tree Structure:

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Base Colour or Wood Finish:

Top Colour:

Inline Posts & Base:

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