The Platforms.

Shown below are the platforms that you will find offered as choices for the trees on the website. They each have unique benefits and those are described here so that you can familiarise yourself with them before selecting your trees options.


ElementsLargeDish small

Twenty inches in diameter, the large dish conforms very well to the shape of a cats body, especially when lying straight across the dish. Cats will, of course still love curling up in a ball too. The dish shape is not only naturally comfortable, but also it always brings a sleeping cat safely towards the centre so it has safety benefits too.


ElementsMediumDish smallSixteen inches in diameter, the medium dish is useful for smaller cats that really don't need the larger sleeping area. It makes the overall tree more compact. If there is space for a larger tree, I would still recommend the larger dishes. Even a smaller cat loves extra room to relax.


ElementsSmallDish small

Twelve inches in diameter, the small dish is for small cats or kittens and is very popular with cat breeders who have limited space. When space is at a premium, a tree with small dishes can have a large top level or even a clamshell.



ElementsLeaf small

Sixteen inches wide by twenty-four inches long, the leaf allows the cat to really stretch out along its length and also makes the tree more compact because it can be closer to the tree trunk/pole.



ElementsSmallFlower small

Twenty inches wide, the small flower is a deep "dish". Your cat can lay its head in the V created by the petals. The same V fits against the roped pole or tree trunk and reduces the overall width of the tree. When choosing the options for your tree, the small flower is very often available as an option for the top level. Some of the trees, notably the Stratus and Classic trees, can have small flowers on all levels.


ElementsLargeFlower small

Twenty-four inches wide, the large flower is an extra deep "dish" with petals. It is as versatile as the small flower, offered on many of the trees. An example of its use is on the four-tier Classic tree. The large flower is a great way to have extra wide levels while keeping the base size and pole configuration exactly the same. It is also the favourite choice for the top level on most trees. It will accomodate two larger cats that like to cuddle together.


ElementsClamshell small


The Clamshell is an enclosure available on the Stratus trees (up to two per tree), on the Classic  trees as a choice for the top level. It can also be used on various other trees such as the triple Lily Pad. When it is available, you will find it in the options at the bottom of each product page.It is attached with a centre bolt, so it can be rotated freely in any direction.






 ElementsHammock small

The Hammock is available on the Fantasy, Stratus and Classic trees and is slung benath two platforms. It is rigid, in the same way the standard dishes are built and gives the cat a great sense of security and openness.It does swing freely, but is touching the tree trunk to minimise the movement for the cats safety. It is one of the most popular of the available options.






 ElementsCedarFlat small

The Cedar Flats are an alternate choice to avoid the use of carpet, particularly for cats that are sensitive to fabrics. They are used on trees for use outdoors in the elements.





The Bases.

The standard base is carpeted. The option is a finished wood base, which has 3/4 inch finished pine on the top and sides, with a water-based polyurethane finish. This can be a clear coat or stained in a light, medium or dark walnut.



Clear finish base







Clear finish base


Light-walnut-stained base










 Medium-walnut-stained base.









Dark-walnut-stained base.









Carpet colours ....... the background is BEIGE




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