Love our three trees. One is eight years old now and good as new. Our cats love them.

March 31st 2017

Stratus 5 tree


Hi David,

I built the Stratus Tree and absolutely love it! Just moving into the new place, so it will be a few weeks before my four cats are here to test it out. -Hence the model stuffed cat. As soon as they get here, I'll send photos of them on it. Can't wait!!!

Thank you for what you do! It's clear that this is a passion for you, and not just a job. It's the most spectacular cat tree that I have ever seen.

Thank you!

Cat on tree photos soon!



"The cat tree is very appreciated – the cats are crazy about it. When I move, I will definitely buy another one."

"I saw an interesting cat tree last week in a pet shop one block from my place. It is a two tier cat tree (sisal rope, no carpet) but the dishes were made of two wicker baskets with pillows inside.; it is very decorative but not as solid as your cat tree. Furthermore, the pet shop sells it $200; it is expensive if I compare with the price of your cat trees because the quality is not the same at all, yours are higher quality and more solid."

We purchased a two-tier cat tree a year ago, when we took home our first ragdoll kitten. We have since added another ragdoll to the family. Whenever we come home from work, they are always napping on their cat tree.

"I just purchased the best-looking and most functional cat tree on the market. The look of the tree works with my decor and is built to last. Other cat trees I purchased in the past only lasted for a short time and fell apart., this is why I decided to buy a Cloud Nine cat tree. My cat Luey loves laying on the saucer, which contours to his body; he especially enjoys the hammock for his lazy days. I have worked in the pet industry for over 20 years and would recommend this product 100%."

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