All models come in a Standard (32 inches tall) and Tall version (46 inches tall). To order the 2 tier models, you will be asked to choose a tree structure and to specify a primary colour for your tree. This will be the colour of the base and all levels of your tree except as allowed by the various options. In addition, all models allow you to specify a different colour or wood finish to the base and alternate top shapes and colours. The 2 tier models also have optional ramps and ramps colours. The models shown are the standard two large dish model, then a large flower and two ramp upgrade, then a clamshell and two ramp upgrade and finally the tall version of the standard model.

CT220MossGreen small

CT220LFR small

CT220WCR small CT 220TW small


Choose a Tree Structure:

* Primary Colour:

Tall Model:

Base Colour or Wood Finish:

Top Colour:

Ramps Option:

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