The Stratus 3 Tree is three feet standard height, which makes the jump from level to level twelve inches, which is best if jumping up and down is an issue. The four foot model has a sixteen inch jump-up. The standard tree has one medium and two large dishes, which can be upgraded to two leaves, two small flowers or two large flowers. The two upper levels can have clamshells. Note that the levels spin on and off. If you have, for example, one flower or clamshell on the top, it can be switched with the middle level. If you have the clamshell on the lower level, the "roof" will be close to the same height as the top platform and the cats can play together easily. Having a clamshell on the top level will add ten inches to the height of the tree.

Certain Stratus Tree models are offered with Cedar Flats platforms. They make an excellent Outdoor Tree but, by adding sisal rope to the trunk, it can be also used indoors as a "near" hypoallergenic tree. Please refer to All Wood Products for details.

How to order:

Below, you will be asked to make a number of simple selections, as follows:

  • Large Level - you may choose dish, leaf, small flower or large flower.
  • Tall - will add 12 inches to the height of your tree and the levels will be redistributed evenly up the trunk.
  • Primary Colour - is the colour of the base and all levels of your tree unless you make optional colour choices.
  • Base Colour or Wood Finish - gives you the option of staying with your Primary Colour or choosing a different colour or wood finish for the base.
  • Top Choice - is where you choose what goes on the very top of your tree.
  • Top Colour - again, you may stay with the Primary Colour or the top most level of your Tree Structure can have a different colour of your choice.
  • Extra Clamshell - provides an option to replace 1 Large Level with a Clamshell. You may match the Primary Colour or the Top Colour.
  • Hammocks Option - can add a new look to your tree by including one or two hammocks for your cats to lounge on.
  • Ramps Option - allows you to add a set of ramps to your tree which may help older or infirm cats use the tree more.
  • Ramps Colour - choose a nice contrasting colour for your Ramps or stay with the Primary Colour for a more homogeneous look.


Large Level:

Tall Model:

* Primary Colour:

Base Colour or Wood Finish:

Top Choice:

Top Colour:

Extra Clamshell:

Hammock Option:

Ramps Option:

Choose Your Ramps Colour:


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