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The Compact Stratus Cat Tree is very similar to the Stratus Cat Tree except it has a straight post, leaves and a smaller base. This makes it more suitable for confined spaces. Options available are a Small Flower on top, large round dishes in replacement for the leaves (choose the upgrade under large levels) as well as primary colour, base colour or wood finish and top colour. It is 5 feet tall with 5 levels and is available in a taller 6 feet version.

If you wish to have all wood platforms, to avoid use of carpeting, that option is available when choosing the large levels. In this case, the tree will have one 12 inch, one 16 inch and three 20 inch flat, circular platforms. If you choose the tall option, there will be an additional 20 inch platform.












Large Levels:

Tall Model:

* Primary Colour:

Base Colour or Wood Finish:

Top Choice:

Top Colour:


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